Market Conditions Overview Report


MMT’s SearchNet offers the ability to print a Market Conditions Overview report (Fannie Mae Form 1004 MC). This report, designed to comply with Fannie Mae requirements, can be generated using multiple search criteria including radius, subdivision, and square footage. The report includes all comparable sales (both listed and FSBO’s) and lender REO’s. 

Steps to Generate a Market Conditions Overview Report


1. Select Comparable Sales Activity on the “Choose Your Search” screen

2. ​​​Select the county where your subject property is located​

3. Enter your search criteria 

4. Select Search to display your results (You may need to remove some records that could skew your data results such as         Quit Claim Deeds)

5. From the top menu bar, select Market Conditions Overview under the Reports tab

6. Download or print the report

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