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Business Building Videos from Metro Market Trends show you how our MMT SearchNet platform helps various industries use the system to grow their business.  MMT SearchNet is not just for Real Estate agents.   Appraisers, Lenders, Property Managers, Investors and Service Providers also use our services. 

In addition to MMT SearchNet, Metro Market Trends provides Custom Reports built by us, for YOU, with your specifications. If you need customized data but don’t have the time to do the research, MMT will do the work for you and provide your results in a user-friendly format with mailing labels, if needed.

Whenever a natural disaster occurs, Metro Market Trends is considered the Go-To source for reliable, comprehensive property data for Florida and South Alabama. Our data helps insurance adjusters and appraisers be confident that replacement cost values are accurate and fair.  Be sure to check out each of our short videos to learn how we can help you build your business, too. 

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SearchNet – Data Solutions for Real Estate Professionals

Are you an investor take a look at our opertunity zones
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Opportunity Zones for Investors

Keep up with your marketing efforts and keep your pipeline full
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Direct Mail Marketing Works

Feel confident in your appraisel report
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SearchNet For Appraisers

Here you can search for foreclosure properties
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Search For Pre-Foreclosures

If you are a service professional you can find more prospects
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Service Professionals Find More Prospects

Having accurate data makes all the difference
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Accurate Information Makes a Difference.

See how P and C insurers can over comes challenges
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P&C Insurers – Overcome Prospecting Challenges

Financial professionals gain an advantage using searchnet
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Financial Professionals Gain a Competitive Edge

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Customer Support

Metro Market trends provides extensive training services
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Training Services

See how to use MMT search net
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Commercial Developers

if you click on this we will show you how to create a custom search
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Custom Reports Designed For You

If you are a property manager you can use this to find more inventory
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Property Managers Find More Inventory

Here we see a man getting real data using MMT
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Custom Data Your Way

Here we discuss why you should use MMT searchnet
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Residential Builders

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Insurance Lead System Quick Overview X-Date

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Insurance Prospecting – Detailed Search

If you found the business building videos interesting you will love the Training Videos. Please review the other training videos available just click here.

Metro Market Trends can also produce custom reports for users in Alachua County based on their specific criteria. Sectors that use our services are Real Estate Brokers and Agents, Property Insurers, Appraisers, Property Managers, Mortgage Lenders and Closing agents, Builders and Developers, Investors and Service Providers that cater to homeowners.

Please visit our other website for realMLS and also visit the homes for sale website.

Metro Market Trends SearchNet is a powerful research platform that provides accurate, current and comprehensive real estate data, along with property ownership records and sales transaction information to real estate, real estate appraisal, construction, real estate development, financing, and related industries.

The Metro Market Trend data is linked directly to most county tax records and includes warranty and trust deeds, along with mortgage and foreclosure history.

If you would like more information about SearchNet and our various custom products please contact our Sales Team.

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