MMT SearchNet


Property Ownership

Look up a property or owner in multiple counties using customized search criteria.

Sales Activity

Find both listed and unlisted transactions, including FSBO’s and REO’s, and get complete data on all sales activity.

Lis Pendens

Find properties that have begun the pre-foreclosure process. View Sales, Mortgage and Lis Pendens history, along with Plantiff, Defendant, and Record or Auction date.

The Real Trend Report

Get an overview of the local real estate market by county. View the monthly and Y-T-D number of sales and dollar volume of sales for the current year compared to previous year.  Get a graphic analysis comparing data for new homes versus existing homes, as well as foreclosures.

Graphs and Maps

Easily create customizable graphs and charts to illustrate market trends using a variety of X and Y values. Powerful mapping capabilities allow you to quickly measure parcel size, road frontage and boundaries.  View properties in multiple ways including Bird’s Eye and Road View, Google Street View and Parcel Boundary Lines.

Insurance Prospecting

Search for prospects using X-date and locate owner occupied properties with upcoming P&C renewals. Customize your search with multiple variables like building characteristics, year built, location, property type or property value, and more.


Focus your marketing efforts in areas that you want to target based on criteria that are important to you. Or create an easy map search. Download your results and easily print mailing labels for your direct mail marketing campaign.

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MyMMT Lite

MyMMT Lite offers streamlined options for customers who only want property owner information with our Contact Capture service.

Property owner’s phone numbers and email addresses are included.

Target your market and customize your search with criteria that’s important to you.

Create an efficient marketing strategy that yields outstanding ROI.

Pre-Foreclosure Leads

Detailed data delivered daily to your email includes Property Owner info, Lienholder, Attorney name and contact info, Property features, access to Property Owner contact info through Contact Capture and much more.

Better actionable leads. No HOA, contractor liens or minor Lis Pendens eating up your lead count! (A subscription to SearchNet is NOT required.)

Ask about our Broker Program! Build special teams to work Pre-Foreclosure leads. Enhance your recruiting and retention value proposition.

Contact Capture

Access Property Owner phone numbers and emails with Contact Capture! Say goodbye to cumbersome research and hello to more time for important prospecting.

Cost effective Property Owner, Expired Listings and FSBO contact info! Spend more time talking to people and less time researching – excellent ROI!  (No charge if no contact info is returned – A subscription to SearchNet is required before you can enroll in Contact Capture.)


A powerful platform comprised of property ownership records and sales transaction information. 

MMT has all of the data, not some of the data (off-market, new construction and more).

Be recognized as a market expert using Market Trend Reports! Leverage Comparable Sales Activity for lead generation. Overcome common objections using Turnover Reports and Notification Features.

Want Leads? Use MMT to find specific prospect types like global investors, non-owner occupied properties, owners with equity and more!

Easy to Use interface. Search data with multiple criteria and drill down for specific results.

MMT data includes off-market, new construction and more.