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Mailing lists and labels are easy to obtain in MMT SearchNet for your Direct Mail Marketing campaigns

While there are many channels available to grow your client base, Direct Mail Marketing is still an effective and relevant way to reach prospects – if you have the right tools and the right approach!

Consumers receive hundreds of emails per day, most of which go unopened.

According to the most recent Data & Marketing Association report, 70% of consumers prefer traditional mail for offers of products and services and 70% also feel that direct mail is more personal than online interactions.

Studies show that people look forward to receiving mail and 48% of them retain mail for future reference.  Giving something tangible for them to hold onto like a Neighborhood Market Report is a great way to put yourself in front of them and stay memorable.   

With MMT SearchNet you can do it all! Generate a Market report for a targeted neighborhood, download and print the mailing labels and send your prospects information that will catch their attention.  Below are the types of searches you can perform to obtain mailing lists and labels.   

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