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Commercial Real Estate Sales Report

The  Commercial Real Estate Sales Report is a printed report that contains detailed information on every non-residential real estate transaction that takes place in a county.  This report provides essential data for preparing commercial CMA’s that include all pertinent sales and information not available with MLS systems.

Types of Sales Transactions in Commercial Real Estate Sales Report

  • Improved commercial & industrial sales
  • Vacant commercial & industrial sales
  • Multi-family (less than 10 units)
  • Multi-family (10 or more units)
  • Other vacant land (agricultural, timber, etc.)
  • Institutional & government sales
  • Rights-of-Way and easements
  • All non-residential sales

Features of  Report

  • Detailed legal description and extensive sales history information
  • Shows closing attorney name (when shown on deed) and shows recorded mortgages
  • Size of the parent parcel and describes the “new” parcel in cut-out transactions
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Report Information Sources

  • Recorded Deeds (County Courthouse)
  • Recorded Mortgages (County Courthouse)
  • Property Tax Roll (State D.O.R.)
  • Master Appraisal File (County Property Appraiser)
  • Property Tax and “911” Address Information
  • Metro Market Trends Proprietary Sources

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