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Custom Analytical Reports

Custom Analytical Reports can be designed to meet your specific needs.  In addition to the numerous standard reports published each month, Metro Market Trends can produce reports according to your specifications for a more focused or detailed analysis, address a defined sub-market, or a specific time period.

Types of Sales Transactions

  • New single family home sub-market analysis
  • Condominium sales by price range over 5 years
  • Residential lots by price range and subdivision for 3 years
  • Lender market share by mortgage type analysis
  • Single family permit analysis
  • Market share analysis by builder
  • Multi-family sales over 10 years
  • Vacant land sales analysis


  • Reports are designed to meet the specific needs of the customer
  • Reports can be produced for any desired time-frame on a one-time or on-going basis
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Information Sources

  • Recorded Deeds (County Courthouse)
  • Recorded Mortgages (County Courthouse)
  • Property Tax Roll (State D.O.R.)
  • Master Appraisal File (County Property Appraiser)

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