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Custom Reports Mailing Labels

Our Custom Reports Mailing Labels allow you to target your marketing efforts towards prospects that you want as customers. Information includes both listed and unlisted transactions, including those not in MLS systems. Perform an easy map search or use a variety of criteria to develop your list.

  • If you need real estate data that is hard to obtain or you have specific criteria that you require for a potential proposal or forecasting project, Metro Market Trends can help. MMT provides a variety of reports used by all types of industry professionals, government agencies, real estate developers, and more. We can produce custom reports based on your individual criteria and display them in a format that’s easy to interpret.
  • Examples include Waterfront Condos in a specific geographical area, that are owned by out-of-state or out-of-country owners. Or, vacant industrial land to develop.
  • Our in-house specialists can provide you with all types of interesting statistics that you can’t find anywhere else. And rest assured that your results will be the most timely, accurate and comprehensive data available because we have an internal team that scrubs the public records data to ensure our information is correct.
  • Data is available in a CSV quote and comma delimited file, as well as a printable PDF file for mailing labels. Names are reformatted and duplicate records have been removed. The printable PDF file is compatible with Avery 5160 labels.

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Reports may not be available for some counties. Please call 800-239-1668 or Click the request more information icon below.

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