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Lender's Trend Report

The MMT SearchNet Lender’s Trend Report provides a detailed analysis of mortgage lending activity by county. Lender market share is provided and compares the current month to the same month of the previous year. It also compares the previous month and year-to-date performance. The tables include residential, commercial, and land transactions but do not include refinances. The report provides insight into changes in the market, the direction of the mortgage market, and changing competitive positions.

Analytical Tables 

  • Number of mortgages by each lender
  • Dollar volume of mortgages by lender
  • Mortgages by each lender listed by type
  • Lenders ranked by residential mortgage activity
  • Lender market share by number of mortgages
  • Lenders ranked by number of mortgages
  • Lenders ranked by dollar volume
  • Lenders market share by dollar volume
  • Average dollar volume by mortgage type

Features of Lender’s Trend Report

  • Lenders listed alphabetically and ranked for easy comparison
  • Graphs that reflect selected tables in a concise manner
  • Average and median prices for single family homes
custom reports for all business users, commercial real estate sales
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Information Sources

  • Recorded Deeds (County Courthouse)
  • Recorded Mortgages (County Courthouse)
  • Property Tax Roll (State D.O.R.)
  • Master Appraisal File (County Property Appraiser)
  • MMT Proprietary Sources

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