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MMT's SearchNet was created to give real estate professionals the tools you need to get more listings and sell more homes. With the most complete and accurate property data available, real estate professionals can target your marketing to prospect for the ideal client. Real estate professionals can refine your search and pinpoint unique transactions using multiple search criteria including the interactive mapping features. View sales data for both listed and unlisted properties and REO’s, to have a comprehensive overview of the market and stay ahead of the competition. And, with access to foreclosure data, real estate professionals can locate distressed properties for potential investors and help buyers make smart purchases.

With MMT’s SearchNet, real estate professionals can view search results in multiple ways and can illustrate market trends to clients with customizable graphs and charts.  Download search results and print mailing labels to maximize marketing outreach while minimizing cost.

MMT’s SearchNet - We do it better than the rest!

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Real Estate Professionals can use MMT's SearchNet to perform a property owner search, an absentee owners search, Lis Pendens search, property tax record search, and a real estate tax data search.


Real Estate Professionals can use SearchNet to generate housing market trends reports, builder trend reports, lenders trend reports, closing agents trend reports and local market real trend reports. With MMT's SearchNet, you can also find information on tax records, pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, unlisted sales, new home sales, condo sales, and sales of properties that are not listed in the MLS.

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