Residential Builders and Commercial Developers


MMT's SearchNet helps builders and developers of both residential and commercial properties analyze the current market conditions of potential locations for future development.


MMT's Builder’s Trend Report assists residential builders of new communities with forecasting, by providing an in-depth analysis of market trends. Access information like market share by builder, sales by subdivision, information on permitting, and sales volume.


Commercial developers benefit from MMT's SearchNet with our Commercial Real Estate Sales Report. Detailed information that is essential for commercial CMA’s and is not available in MLS systems is provided for all non-residential transactions.  

The Lots and Land Sales Report and the Non-Residential Land Sales Report both contain information on vacant lot sales for residential and commercial property. This information is essential for builders and developers because it identifies recent buyers who may be prospects for new construction. 

Examples of data include improved commercial and industrial sales, vacant commercial and industrial sales, vacant land sales, institutional and government sales, rights-of-ways and easements, and more.  

SearchNet's data provides you with the essentials to make well-informed business decisions.

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Residential Builders can use MMT's SearchNet to perform a property owner search, an absentee owners search, Lis Pendens search, property tax record search, and a real estate tax data search.

Residential Builders can use SearchNet to generate housing market trends reports, builder trend reports, lenders trend reports, closing agents trend reports and local market real trend reports. With MMT's SearchNet, you can also find information on tax records, pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, unlisted sales, new home sales, condo sales, and sales of properties that are not listed in the MLS.

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