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Residential Lot Sales Report

The Residential Lot Sales Report is a printed report that contains detailed information on all vacant residential lot and acreage sales (both subdivided and metes and bounds).   This report identifies residential lot buyers who may be prospects for construction loans or new construction.

Types of Sales 

  • Vacant residential lots (new subdivisions)
  • Vacant residential lots (existing subdivisions)
  • Vacant residential lots (metes & bounds areas)
  • Vacant residential acreage

Features of Residential Lot Sales Report

  • Shows buyer name and mailing address, seller, price, mortgage info, lot location, and more
  • Alphabetical listing by subdivision of lot sales in subdivided areas
  • Metes & Bounds sales listed in numeric order by section, township and range
  • Detailed legal description is included for parcels not located in subdivided areas
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Information Sources

  • Recorded Deeds (County Courthouse)
  • Recorded Mortgages (County Courthouse)
  • Property Tax Roll (State D.O.R.)
  • Master Appraisal File (County Property Appraiser)
  • Property Tax and “911” Address Information
  • Metro Market Trends Proprietary Sources

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