MMT SearchNet

Mortgage Lenders/Closing Agents

MMT SearchNet allows mortgage lenders and bankers to feel confident about lending decisions by knowing property valuations are comprehensive and accurate.

Using MMT SearchNet, mortgage lenders and bankers can view mortgage, sales, and lis pendens history, along with building characteristics, and other improvements to have a thorough insight into a property.

With MMT SearchNet, customize your search with a variety of criteria such as length of ownership, minimum number of properties owned, property type, and property value. 

Or, utilize our integrated mapping features to focus your efforts in a specific location.   

Mortgage Bankers also utilize MMT Searchnet
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Closing Agents use MMT services to track market activity of their performance to know where they stand against their competitors.  The Closing Agent Trend Report provides in-depth detail on ranking by Number of Transactions as well as Dollar Volume, month over month and year over year for activity occurring within a county in all of Florida and parts of Alabama. Analysis also includes total Number of Mortgages associated with Number of Transactions,  along with Median and Average Sales Price of Single Family homes by month.

Lenders, Closing Agents, and Builders all need to build relationships with one another.  With MMT data, they can!  Our trend reports allow each component to identify local industry leaders to establish connections to grow their business to the next level.

The Lender’s Trend Report provides a detailed analysis of mortgage lending activity by county, as well as a lender’s market share. View Number of Mortgages, Dollar Volume, and Mortgage Type by each lender.

The Lots and Land Sales Report and the Non-Residential Land Sales Report both contain information on vacant lot sales for residential and commercial property. This information is essential for lenders because it identifies recent buyers who may be prospects for new construction loans.

Having this insight into changes in the direction of the mortgage market will give you a competitive edge.

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