Non-Residential Land Sales Report

The Non-Residential Land Sales Report is a printed report that contains detailed information on all vacant commercial lot sales (both subdivided and metes & bounds) and all vacant commercial acreage sales.  This report identifies commercial lot buyers who may be prospects for construction loans or new construction.


Types of Sales Transaction in Non-Residential Land Sales Report

  • Vacant commercial lots

  • Vacant commercial acreage

  • Vacant non-residential parcels

  • Vacant agriculture & timber acreage


Features of Non-Residential Land Sales Report

  • Shows buyer name and mailing address, seller, price, mortgage info, lot location, and more

  • Metes & Bounds sales listed in numeric order by section, township and range

  • Detailed legal description is included for parcels not located in subdivided areas


Non-Residential Land Sales Report Information Sources

  • Recorded Deeds (County Courthouse)

  • Recorded Mortgages (County Courthouse)

  • Property Tax Roll (State D.O.R.)

  • Master Appraisal File (County Property Appraiser)

  • Property Tax and “911” Address Information

  • MMTinfo Proprietary Sources

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