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Commercial Developers

Commercial developers benefit from MMT SearchNet with our Commercial Real Estate Sales Report. Detailed information that is essential for commercial CMA’s and is not available in MLS systems is provided for all non-residential transactions.  

The Lots and Land Sales Report and the Non-Residential Land Sales Report both contain information on vacant lot sales for residential and commercial property.

This information is essential for builders and developers because it identifies recent buyers who may be prospects for new construction. 

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Examples of data include improved commercial and industrial sales, vacant commercial and industrial sales, vacant land sales, institutional and government sales, rights-of-ways and easements, and more.  MMT SearchNet helps Commercial developers analyze potential locations for future development.

With extensive and flexible search criteria including integrated mapping features, you can pinpoint where you want to prospect for potential new developments. With SearchNet’s powerful mapping capabilities, quickly measure parcel size, road frontage, and boundaries.  View properties in multiple ways including Street and Road View and Parcel Boundary Lines.

Our user-friendly interface returns your search results quickly and you can be sure that our information is correct because we have a team that manually scrubs the data. These features, backed by our unsurpassed, personalized customer service ensures that you will have all that you need to take your business to the next level.

SearchNet’s data provides you with the essentials to make well-informed business decisions.

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